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Hello! So my name is Aada Uhlgrén and I’m a municipal candidate. I am 19 years old recently graduated waitress from Turku. Actually I was born in Vaasa. In primary school I did a lot sports and other hobbies. Dancing, teather, played flute a few years. Then I did find my sports they were synchronized skating and horse riding. I think that every child should have a right to have an interesting hobby and an adult who supports them to do it. (read more from blog)

Then I went to high school, but I felt like kinda wasn’t my thing when I was 15. I had an maintenance horse back then called Silver. I quit the high school and had literally no idea what I wanted to study. It’s pretty hard to know ”what you want to be as an adult” when you’re a teenager. I moved to Tampere with my mom and I started the restaurant school. Then I wanted to move to Turku, because I had more friends and family here and also I’ve always liked Turku as a city. All though I like making food I wanted to be a waitress because I have a strong social personality and I really like getting to know new people.

I’ve grown up with social democratic values, the reason behind that might be that my family has always been active in politics. These values are Solidarity and Equality. I’ve always been really interested about politics, inequality in our society and other problems like drug and criminal issues. Mentalhealth issues and inequality between suburbs are rising all the time and I think we should mix up more new investments between neighborhoods. That’s a one way to decrease inequality and gaps between neighborhoods. I’ve always known that I wan’t to do something with my life to make this world a better place for the future.

Right now I’m at my trade unions PAM’s Youth Committee, because I care about what the future working life will be, especially in the low paid industries. You should get along with your salary and more. You should have a change to pay your own apartment and have money to buy your or your children hobby etc.

I think we can not cut money from students subsistence. Students get along with money that’s already under the poverty line. In top of that we go to school, study at home, be trainees without getting paid and try to have time and energy to work alongside studies so we can get along. We should focus on quality in all schools without forgetting vocational school.

Our children protection is a disaster right now and we really have to fix things there at the municipal level. Focusing on where we get those services and with what quality?

If you have questions or think about what my opinion is for something, you can contact me in a way you like to. Send me an email or a WhatsApp -message! Thank you!

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